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Bacon Flavored Lollipops as well as other Bacon Flavored Foods

Bacon Flavored Lollipops as well as other Bacon Flavored Foods

I accustomed to operate having a dude that was obsessed with bacon. One day he introduced into do the job some bacon flavored chocolate. Yet another working day, he had some bacon flavored chewing gum. He was even a member of your bacon sub-reddit. I did not even know bacon was so well-known that reddit experienced a sub-reddit for bacon lovers! I soon began to understand that bacon features a subculture unto by itself. Do not get me completely wrong, I like bacon, but I’m not obsessed with it. I eat bacon it's possible when on a monthly basis. I think I similar to the way bacon smells, greater than it preferences. Truly, come to consider it, I'd bacon twice this week from Starbucks – the bacon Gouda sandwich! Which was only since they have been outside of the ham sandwich though :)  On this write-up I strike what I take into account a lot of the bacon lover highlights, in no specific order…

1. Bacon Vodka

This is form of interesting. In line with the site, you will discover about 8000 people who like bacon vodka. They even have a great deal of recipes, this sort of since the Bakon Mary.

2. Mo’s Bacon Bar

This is what I experienced on my coworkers desk the initial time – a package of Mo’s Bacon Bar. Which has a description similar to this, who are able to resist:

"Breathe…engage your 5 senses, near your eyes and inhale deeply. Be during the existing moment, observe the color with the chocolate, the shiny shine. Rub your thumb above the chocolate bar to release the aromas of smoked applewood bacon flirting with great milk chocolate. Snap off just a small piece and place it in your mouth, enable the lust of salt and sweet coat your tongue.” (resource)

3. Bacon Flavored Envelopes

I guess the peppermint flavored ones weren’t fantastic sufficient! Of course, this offers you an entire new motive to send snail mail, according to the web page. Here’s the item specs:

  • Bacon-flavored envelopes will convince you to snail-mail once again

  • They even appear like bacon!

  • Do not position them in a very frying pan

  • Package of 25 envelopes for all of your mailing demands (resource)

4. Baconnaise

With the tag line “Everything should flavor like bacon,” how can you resist? I wonder if there could probably be some thing considerably less healthier – mayonnaise combined with bacon! They actually have a Baconnaise Lite, for that fat conscience!

5. Bacon Ice Cream

Why stick to boring Rocky Street, after you may have bacon flavored ice cream? Much like the Baconnaise, this really is completely for that wellness conscience!

6. Bacon Cereal

I know, fail to remember the Kashi healthy cereal, go for the bacon cereal…it’s basically very simple to create. The key substances are bacon and blue cheese dressing, with the optional topping of Baco's!

7. Bacon Lollipops

Not just bacon flavored, these lollipops incorporate a contact of maple taste! At $2.fifty a piece, what a deal:

"We’re happy to say that we’re the primary folks to at any time come up with a bacon-based maple bacon lollipop. And not just any bacon, either- we use BaconSalt- our planet's only kosher, vegan bacon item (it Regulations)- we kinda sensed that it went effectively with the pure Vermont maple syrup we were being utilizing for a base, you realize?

While we confess that it is very far from the norm (Kosher bacon!), when you make that preliminary leap of faith and try it out, we’re beneficial that you will like it. The bacon saltiness create a tasty and special counterpoint on the subtle sweetness on the maple, and oh, yeah- you are going to be feeding on an oh-my-god maple bacon lollipop!

A excellent present for your sweet-toothed pork aficionado in your lifetime. "

8. Bacon Mints

What far better way to make an impression on your date than with bacon flavored breath! I signify, how can you resist “Uncle Oinker’s Savory Bacon Mints”?

"Sometimes the only way to increase being a individual will be to take pitfalls and try issues you would not usually check out. Like mixing snowboarding and water balloon fights or bacon and mint. Properly, we ain't trying Drinking water Balloon Snowboarding, but we unquestionably will consume up some delicious Bacon Mints.

Bacon Mints style just like a mint leaf delicately kissed a slice of crispy bacon. And even though that may sound unusual, after you taste it you may comprehend. For Bacon Mints establish one thing: mint and bacon is really a match up made in heaven. Hog Heaven. Sorry." (resource)

9. Bacon Flavored Diet plan Coke

This sounds awesome…forget Cherry Coke – Bacon Coke policies!

10. Bacon Pop Corn

Yeah, fail to remember the butter, let us choose bacon!

"For years, Good Granny's been preserving her bacon grease in that previous rusty espresso can in her cooking area, and popping some new kernels on her stovetop with it. Bless her coronary heart. Then the microwave oven came alongside, and she did not fairly jump within the bandwagon. She loved her bacon popcorn an excessive amount to give up her standard bacon-popping techniques.

Well Granny, now there is one thing known as BaconPOP™ from J&D's. So you'll be able to just sit back in that comfy aged rocking chair of yours, set on some Perry Como records, and rest those tired arches. Because in 5 minutes or considerably less you can be enjoying a savory, tasty mix of bacon, butter and premium popcorn that's designed for maximum eatability and anytime snacking. How's that for convenience?

And whilst you're sitting down, probably you could fire up that computer we bought you so many years ago and tune into some thing referred to as the Internet, which is kind of like TV except you have to do all the get the job done. Yes, we know, the type's way too small. And no, you can’t use your clicker to change the channel. But you can find pictures on the grandkids, and unlimited reruns of Matlock. Just look out for viruses and spyware, OK" (source)

Bacon Flavored Bacon

Finally, what all the bacon lovers have been desiring – bacon flavored bacon! Very well, I have one far better – you can plan an entire bacon working day, together with the items I mentioned in this particular post. It could be like this:

  • Aperitif: Bacon Flavored Vodka and Bacon Flavored Lollipops

  • Main Course: Bacon Sandwich with Baconnaise and Bacon Diet plan Coke

  • Desert: Bacon Flavored Ice Cream and Bacon Flavored Chocolate, served with Bacon Coffee

  • Drive Home: Bacon Flavored Mint

  • Late Snack: Bacon Flavored Pop Corn, although stuffing Bacon Flavored envelopes with new bacon recipes for your bacon lover friends!

  • Breakfast: Bacon Cereal (with Baco's, of course!)

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