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10 Wacky & Weird Food Combinations That Work

10 Wacky & Weird Food Combinations That Work

We have all had our little food experiments. You know what I'm talking about- the ones in which you mix two or more foods together to see if they taste good. While some of us do it in the hopes of inventing a new and delicious super-snack that will curb more than one craving at a time, most of us just feel like playing with our food. Successful experiments (such as the "peanut butter and banana" sandwich) have left behind a legacy that makes testing the possibilities worthwhile.

Creating a food combination is a lot like building a spaceship. While you may succeed and be able to enjoy the beauty of a new horizon, you may just as easily create a bomb that blows up in your face. So, before you blast off, try some of these tried-and-true food combinations from previous "munchernauts"...

French Fries + Ice Cream

If you're going to try this one, I suggest going to Wendy's. The combined flavors of a thick Frosty and some hot fries will have you dipping like crazy. Although you could use any ice cream, a soft serve works best for easy consumption. Also, make sure not to just dump the fries into a bowl of ice cream and stir it up. You want a whole slew of things going on; hot & cold, salty & sweet, crispy & smooth. Yes, you're eating two things that are totally unhealthy...but, who cares? If you wanted to make a veggie combo, you'd eat a damn salad!

Cheese Toast + Cinnamon & Sugar

This awesome creation, dubbed the "toastwich" in my family, is the first thing I ever learned to cook. It's really simple:

  1. Slice some cheese (cheddar, preferably) & put it on top of a slice of bread.

  2. Pop it in the toaster oven (not a regular toaster- that would make a mess!)

  3. Toast until cheese is melted.

  4. Mix up some cinnamon and sugar & sprinkle over cheese toast.

  5. ENJOY ;)

Pizza + Ranch Dressing

If you have never tried this combination, your taste buds are missing out! Just plop a dollop of ranch on your plate and chow down! You'll be pleasantly surprised ;) Every scrumptiously hot and cheesy pizza deserves a dip in a cool pool of ranch's rich creaminess. The burst of two flavors will make your mouth happier than ever! It's so yummy, you won't be throwing aside the crust anymore!

Cheetos + Cream Cheese

Cheese is good, cheese is great- so, add two servings on your plate!! Seriously, though, this combination is the stuff dreams are made of! Sure, it's not fine dining, but what it lacks in luster it makes up for in taste! Don't worry about the messy fingers- cheese puffs do that anyway! Just indulge yourself in the name of all that's snack-tacular...Chester Cheetah would be proud ;)

Chili + Mayonnaise

This combination is very popular in my neck of the woods. I've never had the guts to try it, but I don't think it's fair for my biases to rob it of recognition. Considering that "chili mayonnaise" is a pretty common dipping sauce, I guess this combo makes sense. I'm just partial to chili cheese fries OR chili with rice and shoyu (which probably sounds weird too). That is, unless we're talking green chili...then hand me some tortillas or grill me a burger!!

Corn on the Cob + Pesto

If you love corn on the cob, you've got to try this awesome combo. Besides just being delicious, this wacky food combination is a much healthier alternative to butter. That means you can slather on the spread without feeling guilty! Also, the brilliant yellow and green color scheme makes for an impressive presentation. Just make sure to have some napkins on hand (things may get messy!)

Popcorn + Seaweed + Rice Crackers

To make this fantastically fabulous treat, you need to get the right ingredients. Popcorn is easy- just go for your favorite (I'm heading for the extra butter box!) Instead of chopping up dried seaweed, buy "furikake" (a Japanese condiment made with a mixture of seasoned seaweed and sesame seeds.) Finally get yourself some "arare" (flavored rice crakers). While there are many different varieties, I like the "hot kakidane" rice craker. If you don't like spicy, opt for the "sakura" arare, which is shaped like a flower. Just sprinkle these two extras on to your popcorn and you'll be in snack heaven!

Blueberry Bagel w/ Cream Cheese + Ham

This mouth-watering combination is my favorite breakfast treat. Once upon a time, my friend Rae thought I was crazy for eating this. Now I've got her hooked too! It can't be as weird as lox on a bagel, can it? I actually love that combo too! However, the blueberry bagel needs special attention. Ham, being the sweet meat that it is, really compliments the fruity blueberry flavor. So, add a slice or two and chomp away (you'll be glad that you did!)

White Rice and Butter

Growing up in Hawaii, I've always enjoyed white rice (esp. with shoyu and furikake!) Yet I wasn't familiar with the rice and butter combo until the morning after my college graduation party. Copious amounts of cheap vodka the night before made my stomach a thunderous volcano. I just couldn't keep anything down! My mother, who grew up in Washington, suggested I try some butter on rice. So, I gave it a shot. The combo was not just delectable, it was divine! All it took was one scoop to calm my tummy. Talk about a weird hangover cure!

Coconut + Shrimp

First of all, I need to say a big THANK YOU to whomever created this heavenly combination. The union of savory shrimp and sugary coconut is a harmonious marriage indeed! There are tons of simple recipes that offer ways to make this delectable, deep-fried seafood dish. You can also use the same type of batter to create coconut crusted fish (mahi-mahi and ono/wahoo are good candidates!) Check out the links below for some great recipes!

What Wacky Food Combos Please Your Palate?

Now that you've had a taste of what this "munchernaut" had to offer, what other weird food combinations do you think are out of this world? Leave a comment to give your wacky (but delicious) food creation the recognition it deserves ;)

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