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A Tips on how to Tutorial: Setting up A Lettuce Bench For Just about All year round Salad Greens.

A Tips on how to Tutorial: Setting up A Lettuce Bench For Just about All year round Salad Greens.

My household enjoys ingesting salads and we try to eat ALOT of salad. When i very first found the concept from the lettuce bench, also referred to as a salad bench, I immediately gathered the necessary materials to construct my very own.

When I began to examine concerning this outside planter, I uncovered the salad table was designed in 2006 by College of Maryland gardening professional Jon Traunfel. Apparently, Mr. Traunfeld bought the concept from the steel edition he observed being used on an organic farm in southern Maryland. Regardless of how Mr. Traunfeld devised the concept, this is a quite very simple thought that I would like I would thought of myself.

The wood version is a breeze to build and very straightforward to maintain. Wheels is usually added to the legs of the salad table making it moveable and may normally requires up small place on your own patio or deck. The 3 1/2-inch depth is ideal for salad greens and various shallow-rooted vegetation. You will discover pretty couple of weeds, you will see couple pests and because the bench stands waistline superior, harvesting your greens is a breeze for the back.

Constructing Your Salad Bench

To develop a salad table that is 33 inches extensive by fifty eight inches very long, you will require the subsequent resources and elements:

  • Untreated framing lumber: two 10-foot-long two-by-fours and two 12-foot-long two-by-fours

  • 2 1/2-inch galvanized deck screws

  • 3/8-inch staples

  • 1 pound of 1-inch roofing nails

  • 3-by-5-foot roll of aluminum window screening

  • 3-by-5-foot roll of 1/2-inch mesh components cloth (galvanized wire mesh; comes inside of a roll)

  • Handsaw

  • Hammer

  • Tape measure

  • Square

  • Tin snips

  • Staple gun

  • Drill

  • wood putty to fill screw holes for any extra polished look

  • paint, when you will paint your bench

1. Make the frame by taking two 58-inch two-by-fours and attaching them to 2 30-inch two-by-fours with galvanized screws. The 2 inside cross pieces are connected eighteen 3/4-inches from every close on the prolonged piece, producing 3 equal sections.

2. Staple window screen on the exterior bottom in the frame.

3. Center the components fabric around the window monitor; pull it taut and staple towards the frame bottom.

4. Nail roofing nails around the body for help.

5. For added assistance, it's possible you'll pick out to screw some scrap boards on the underside on the display screen. As time passes, the weight of your soil will develop a slight bow from the monitor.

Adding Soil

The very first 12 months we planted lettuce in our lettuce bench we experienced additional soil from our raised bed gardens that we purchased from this amazing farmer in Vermont. The soil was approximately black in color with a lot of rich composted supplies, we imagined that it could perform perfectly in our lettuce bench. We were being completely wrong. The lettuce grew abundantly, but the soil was considerably much too dense and we'd will need to 'fluff' it once in a while to make sure that the lettuce roots could breath additional freely.

This 12 months, we opted for an organic and natural potting mix that may be significantly lighter. We loaded each of your several compartments towards the major (the soil will settle a little) then we were willing to plant.

[it has long been several weeks now considering the fact that we planted this many years salad greens and it really is distinct this was a wiser selection for the soil. The crops are rising hardier than ever]

Seeds or Crops.........

For us, the choice was an easy one particular. At our nearby feed shop, they promote a range of lettuce plants. Fairly than wait for the seeds to sprout and after that mature, we might get pleasure from our lettuce inside of a handful of brief times.

If you decide that you'd like to plant seeds, here are a couple fast recommendations:

Begin by taking the edge of a ruler and make shallow furrows during the increasing medium. They should be about 4 inches apart. Properly sow the seeds in order that they are about one to 2 inches aside. This process will be the same strategy you would use to plant radishes or carrots. Lightly deal with the seeds and press down delicately. Yet again, like radishes and carrots, be ready to skinny vegetation after they appear up making sure that they can be 1 to two inches apart and are not overly crowded.


If you will be increasing lettuce, this bench size will offer you with plenty of salad. I had browse that I could anticipate to harvest one to two lbs of salad at each individual cutting. From my individual practical experience, I am able to show you that I quite not often have needed to buy lettuce in the course of the rising year and we take in a salad every night for dinner.

When you might be all set, very simple clip the lettuce leaf at the base on the plant. The plant will keep re-grow and shortly, you'll be ready to clip more greens.

Individual Salad Trays

We thought of setting up specific salad trays after we built our lettuce bench, but opted to not. I feel which the specific trays are really a terrific concept, especially should you intend on establishing your lettuce table from seed. You could possibly get started earlier while in the season after which once the weather warmed, you could possibly insert the trays into your table.

If you decide to develop trays, you may use the exact same elements since the salad bench. You could possibly also use scrap solid wood or maybe solid wood scavenged from the wooden pallet. Evaluate and slice your boards making sure that they slide very easily into every table section. You will need to produce a few trays. Economical drawer pulls is usually screwed to the best with the tray at each individual conclusion building it much easier to clear out the tray with the table after you would like to.

It was advised that we retain our salad bench in entire solar from April by means of mid-June. Later, we were encouraged to move the bench to some partly shadier spot therefore the lettuce would not burn. The summer time warmth is usually an excessive amount for these plants. Nevertheless, the table does get major as soon as planted and we experienced no need to shift it to every other site. For the duration of the sunniest days of summertime, the lettuce would, in fact, wilt through the overbearing heat, but at dusk we'd give the bench a good amount of water and a bit of compost tea every so often plus the lettuce would perk again up come morning.

Because our salad bench has given us this kind of an abundance of salad greens, we are looking at developing lettuce in the course of the winter months, likewise. We're going to will need to generate a few alterations, but I'm hopeful that we could enable it to be operate. I had been not long ago released to this winter gardening e book. I haven't checked out it nevertheless, but I will undoubtedly consult with the writer for every guidelines that she can provide. Check it out:

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